"The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest."

-Albert Einstein

Our Vision

Universe Of Dreams


UNIVERS.AI platform takes a service-based approach to data and analytics to re-skill, retool, and reshape a culture to be adept at data enabled decision making.


UNIVERS.AI marketplace visual algorithm gives the unique ability to avoid such obstacles as language barriers, cultural differences, economical inequalities, and technological restrictions.  


UNIVERS.AI visual search functionality allows to find the desired investment opportunity in seconds and instantly sign the contract.

Genome Of Prosperity


UNIVERS.AI are being implemented using effective institutional and individual data-governance practices and organizational structures.


UNIVERS.AI provides an ability to track any contract or project progress without any restrictions during its entire lifetime.


UNIVERS.AI users will be able to navigate through myriads of opportunities by visualizing the big picture despite of the underlying complexity of  interconnected processes and systems. 

Three profoundly destabilizing scientific ideas ricochet through the twentieth century, trisecting it into three unequal parts: the atom, the byte, the gene. . . . Each begins its life as a rather abstract scientific concept but grows to invade multiple human discourses—thereby transforming culture, society, politics, and language. But the most crucial parallel between the three ideas, by far, is conceptual: each represents the irreducible unit—the building block, the basic organizational unit—of a larger whole: the atom, of matter; the byte (or “bit”), of digitized information; the gene, of heredity and biological information. . . . Matter, information, and biology are inherently hierarchically organized: understanding that smallest part is crucial to understanding the whole.”

—Siddhartha Mukherjee, The Gene: An Intimate History (2016)

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